Vesta Stoves

Vesta stoves

There’s nothing better in life than a compliment to bring a little smile so the people over at Vesta Stoves probably do a lot of smiling if they read their own reviews…

“I bought my Vesta 12kw stove just before Christmas and it was the highlight of our festivities. It gives out superb heat, it is such a pleasure to see leaping flames and the glowing embers. My entire family, usually a come-and-go sort of gang, just sat around it chatting, eating, arguing, drinking, laughing for most of the time. The stove has been hugely admired by friends for the simple, clean-lined modern design, and it costs a great deal less than similar Scandinavian style models. What more can I say? I am thrilled I bought my Vesta.”

Vesta Ironworks produces beautiful contemporary wood burning stoves and multifuel stoves in the heart of Lancashire. The Vesta range is packed with the latest combustion technology making Vesta Stoves a step ahead of the rest. Vesta has many years experience stove design and have designed their range based on simple proven design principles.

With modern woodburner models in the range of 4KW to 12KW and with the possibility to add a boiler to the V12 stove (vesta V12 Duo), Vesta contemporary wood burners are certainly versatile. The revolutionary air wash system ensures that you always have a perfect view of the roaring fire as well as providing the stove with a tertiary air jet which raises the efficiency to over 77%.

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