Saltfire Stoves St1, ST1 Vision, St2, ST3, ST4 review


Saltfire ST1 ST2

Saltfire Stoves are based in Dorset and I have spoken with this company, due to these and other products they supply, at least two or three times a week since I started retailing. I like the company (they also created the Ekol brand).

Update 11 July 2016: Saltfire are one of the most professional companies I have ever dealt with. Their customer service is above and beyond what I would expect. I am happy to sing their praises and hence I am doing so.

The Saltfire models I have chosen to stock are from the ST range and their new ST-X range.

Here’s the lineup:

ST1: 5kw Wood Only £399 FREE £100 DURAFLUE chimney liner (or Twin Wall flue) at our WAREHOUSE

ST1 Vision: 5kw Wood Only £439 (same as the ST1 but with a larger door and viewing glass) FREE £100 DURAFLUE chimney liner (or Twin Wall flue) at our WAREHOUSE

ST2: 5kw Multifuel £439 FREE £100 DURAFLUE chimney liner (or Twin Wall flue) at our WAREHOUSE


ST3: 8kw Multifuel £549 (larger version of the ST1 Vision) FREE £100 DURAFLUE chimney liner (or Twin Wall flue)at

ST4: ARRIVING MAY 2015 8kw Multifuel (larger version of ST2 with thicker steel and removeable baffle) FREE £100 DURAFLUE chimney liner (or Twin Wall flue)at

Also now in stock: Saltfire ST-X4, ST-X5, ST-X8. These really are worth a look and they remind me very much of Morso Stoves but at a price the average hard working family (as politician’s call them) can afford!

OPT_Find-me-in-the-WAREHOUSEALL stoves are Defra smoke exempt which means that they can burn wood in a smoke control area.

ALL stoves can be fitted with a 5″ liner – congratulations to Saltfire.

ALL stoves can be placed on a 12mm hearth (except the ST4 which requires a constructional hearth).

ALL stoves have been UK tested  to BS/EN/CE/DEFRA standards.

TRUSTPILOT REVIEW: You’ve got a new review. chris jones gave Julian Patrick Marketing Ltd 5 stars.
100% trustworthy! Got our stove, a Saltfire ST1, within a few days. Courier was pleasant and helpful. Julian has the best website imaginable for everything related to stoves and it really helped me in making my choice. Stove seems excellent, well made and very reasonably priced, would recommend it. Still waiting on the stove fitter though (not Julian).

both stoves

The Saltfire ST1 Vision has an amazing 83.9% efficiency. A quick skim of my stove database and I only spotted a few with higher (the Broseley Serrano Evolution 5 at 85% and the Stovax Stockton 5 at 85.5% being examples) although there will be others. At 83.9% efficiency only 16.1% of the heat from your logs is lost up the chimney – you get the rest. Well done again Saltfire Stoves!

The Saltfire St2 has an efficiency of 81.3% – a very, very good figure (apparently Saltfire Stoves has a very impressive testing rig).

All of this at these excellent prices? Where’s the catch? There really isn’t one. The only point I will make is that on the ST2 the steel is not quite as thick as more expensive brands, the ST2 is not heavy and quality is functional and reliable rather than amazing (£439 is an amazing price for a stove). Check out the user reviews on the product pages at

The ST2 and ST4 are convector stoves, constructed using a double walled system – an inner fire box, then an air gap, then the independent outer shell. This allows for a fully welded strong construction and also allows the stoves to have an efficient convection system, forcing warm air into the room.

Saltfire Stoves have a 3 year manufacturer’s guarantee.

Buy the Saltfire stoves here


The St1 and St2 in my shop The Wood Stove Hut




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