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Julian’s choice: stove brands

If you are new to looking at stove brands then it can be a little bewildering – there are so many out there! Here are some of my favourites. In alphabetical order so no favouritism… I like other brands but those below are those that have a place in my heart – and checking these out is not a bad place to start should you need a little help.

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trianco stoves logo__00923





 Stove reviews: *Review page

Sales: *Stove Fitter’s Warehouse

DG: Ivar review *DG in the Warehouse

Aga: *Little Wenlock review *Aga in the Warehouse

Ekol: *Crystal and Clarity article *Clarity 5 review *Ekol in the warehouse

Firebelly: *Firebelly article *Firebelly in the Warehouse

Hillandale by Broseley: *Monterrey 5 review *Hillandale in the Warehouse

Trianco: *Trianco article *Newton 5 review *Trianco in the Warehouse

Salamander: *Hobbit review *Salamander in the Warehouse

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