Installation helpline (the BAT phone: for installation/regulation queries)

Number and email address available following stove purchase

This is the high priority phone carried by Julian (or his assistant if required). If you purchase material from ourselves your details are added to this phone and your name appears on screen. This phone has a very loud and distinctive ring tone.

Please do not think that you will be “bothering” me (I wear a headset during working hours so can answer and work if required).

Calls to this phone are answered immediately whenever possible*. If not possible calls to answerphone are returned before any other calls (we dislike the practice of the “sales line” always being answered in seconds and the “customer service” line always having a long queue).

Once your details are in this phone you have access to myself to discuss any aspect of your install as it progresses. Please note that I am stove-fitting on a daily basis and occasionally I am out of reception. The BAT PHONE will be given the utmost priority – you have my word on this (Julian).

Should you call this number please have a pen and paper handy (I will likely continue working with a headset fitted and may ask you to write a few things down).

I look forward to your call,


*BAT phone is “live” Mon-Friday 8am to 6pm and FREE to those who purchase a stove via the SFM store. Weekend availability is available to those who feel they will benefit from it: between 9am and 3pm Saturday and Sunday. Weekend availability is the only service I charge for (£60, payable at time of ordering stove) and allows up to three separate weekend calls.

At certain times the BAT phone might not be available (holidays etc.). These days will be advertised in advance on a website page accessible to those purchasing stoves.




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