Firemizer Review

firemizer fuel saverBrowsing through the latest Industry magazine for us folks who make our living in a stove-like manner I came across a rather amazing statement:

“Firemizer can save you up to 38% on your fuel bills”

“Shut the back door!” I thought (I heard that phrase on the radio, made me chuckle).

No messin’ about with these guys. No measly 5% nonsense here. No “not to be sniffed at” 10%, 15%. Thirty eight percent! Carry this on and we’ll be at a full half.

Okay So that’s the blurb. What’s the real story? I’m naturally sceptical.

Well here are the test results (all done proper scientific):

Firemizer Nottingham UniversityUniversity of Cambridge managed a fuel usage reduction of 33.6% (wood) 31.9% (coal)
University of Nottingham managed a fuel usage reduction of 27.8% (coal)
Gastec managed a fuel usage reduction of 19.4% (wood)
Omni Test Laboratories managed a fuel usage reduction of 37.7% (wood) shut the back door!

Firemizer figuresSo the worst of the tests was still 19.4%. Now that’s a serious saving and that’s the WORST of the results by these independent testers.

Not only this but Creosote emmisions are down and Particulate emissions are down. Result.

So I ordered one. I tested it in The Wood Stove Hut. See how I got on here


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