DG Ivar 5 review

This review is of the Ivar 5 (the Ivar 8 is wider, 3kW more output and with a 6″ collar but otherwise identical).

Ivar 5 SE (Wood or Multifuel) 5KW £1195 guide price (that’s the Wood version with the Multifuel coming in at £1395). Prices as of late 2017.

Wow! Large firebox, large glass (33x32cm), beautiful lines and with a quality to match. Is this the most desirable 5kw stove currently on the market? Let’s take a look…

DG Fires are a Dutch company who launched their latest range of solid fuel stoves at The Hearth and Home Exhibition during early summer of 2014. That’s where I first saw their new range and that’s when I first saw the new Ivar. “That’s going to sell,” I said to Kevin Piggott an Area Sales Manager, “I mean it’s really going to sell”.Kevin explained that 2014 was an important year for DG. “We have invested a serious amount of time and money on the new range and the UK market is very important to us.” I suggested to Kevin that the Ivar would present a serious threat to Charnwood’s C4 and C5 models, these already popular within the UK. I also said that the large glass makes this stove particularly desirable. “I just hope we’ll have enough stock for the winter,” laughed Kevin.

The Ivar is available in two versions: a wood-only version and a multifuel version. The model in my shop is the wood only version. The stove is 46cm wide, 56cm high and 41cm deep (full dimensions here). The firebox is large for a 5kw and will take a whopping 38cm log. Note the lack of grate in the wood only version (you will lose a few cm of height if you choose the multifuel). Note that the multifuel kit can easily be added at a later stage if you are unsure you will want to burn smokeless fuel in the future.

DG Ivar handle

Detachable handle so it stays cool

Ivar linkThe Ivar’s door handle is detachable. Great idea. Stops us burning our pinkies when the going gets hot. The Ivar has just one control – nice and simple. To the left the fire is on slumber and to the right it’s on full burn. The large glass is kept clear of soot by an in-built airwash system. Neat.

The stove is approved for use in a smoke control area (Defra approved) and can take a 5″ chimney liner. The Ivar is also available with longer legs, the Ivar High.

So what don’t I like about this stove? Simple. Nothing. If I was designing a modern stove aimed at the higher end of the market it would look like the Ivar (I even like the name, much better than a EcoxXZ147 or some other such nonsense). I once thought about designing the finest stove on the market, a stunning modern burner with no compromise on quality or material (and with a large viewing window). No point now. DG beat me to it.

The finest 5kw stove on the market today? Probably. DG Fires company website here.


Ps. There is a response to this review in Stove Fitter’s Warehouse with a customer saying:

“Was a little skeptical of the stove fitters review, as it raises the question of “Is this possibly the best stove under 5kw”. Fitters answer “probably!” My concern was, have they bulk purchased these stoves and are now trying to sell them on by over hyping the quality. There doesn’t seem to be any independent UK reviews of this Dutch made stove.

He went on to conclude (after purchasing):

Excellent service from the Stove fitters site, good communication and their review of this stove is accurate. I’m no longer skeptical.”






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