Buy Julian a pint and find out about the real bargains – changes daily

For every 500 people who visit this site approx. one will buy something. What happens to the other 499 who knows.  The sales from the few are my reward for all of the hard work. But I do get plenty of people offering to pay me for my time on the phone or offering to buy me a pint.

For all of you kind people many thanks. Buy me a virtual pint (£2.35) using the link below and I’ll let you into a secret area of the site – where the real bargains can be found…

If you are even remotely interested in buying a stove over coming weeks or months you will not want to miss this…

Let me share a few extra incentives with you and offer you the chance of buying a stove at trade price (up to 35%).

Every day on this website somebody gets a stove at up to 35% discount. See the COUNTDOWN on the homepage.

A pint..? Oh go on then… (£2.35)

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