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Building Control and wood burning stoves


The majority of Building Control departments are competent and helpful and I have spoken to many self-installers who have said that the process was straightforward and their local Building Control very helpful. Some are not.

Take a look at this document: http://www.planningportal.gov.uk/uploads/br/bcpi/building-control-performance-standards_june06.pdf

It says in here: “In the case of local authorities, which cannot refuse to undertake building control on a project if requested…”

Regarding high Building Control Charges: exhorbitant Building Control pricing

Below is my standard template for emailing or writing to Building Control. Use and adapt as required.




Dear Sir,

I hope that you can assist.

You have rejected my notifiable works/notifiable works application (a solid fuel stove) and have stated that I must involve a third party from Hetas (or other self-certification scheme) to provide the necessary paperwork or further tests in order that my works complies with legal regulations.

I believe that I cannot (and should not have to) take this course of action and request that you reconsider.

The role of Building Control is to ensure notifiable works meet the Building Regulations.

By rejecting my notifiable works/notifiable works application are you suggesting that you, Building Control, do not have the expertise to ensure notifiable works meet the Building Regulations and therefore I have to call in a contractor instead?

Part J states, in the “Notification of Work” section, that the “self-certification scheme” is an exception to notifying work to Building Control. Members of self certification schemes are not allowed to sign off the work of others and are constantly reminded of this and are threatened with scheme expulsion if they do sign off the work of others. Therefore this avenue is not open to me.

With regard to smoke tests (from http://www.planningportal.gov.uk/uploads/br/bcpi/building-control-performance-standards_june06.pdf):

Tests at completion: at completion, certain tests may need to be carried out under building control supervision, as necessary, in order to demonstrate compliance e.g. drainage, air tightness, flue spillage tests. The BCB should consider the need for such tests at the earliest possible stage, include them in the inspection plan, and inform the client of its requirements as far in advance as possible. 

Please advise on how I might proceed in order that my notifiable works can be certified as required by law.

Kind regards,



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