Aga Wren new stove for 2015 (cute!)

You just have to take a look at this gorgeous little Aga Wren multifuel stove…

The new Aga Wren will be available from September 2015 onwards. Price £795. Buy via this link Aga Wren with free £175 flue/materials (if “stove-only” call us first for our best deal).

Aga have long been famous for their classic range cookers. Did you know they also sell woodburners?

images-32015’s Hearth & Home exhibition in Harrogate saw the launch of a very exciting new range of Aga wood burning stoves. Do we like them? You bet we do! And that’s coming from somebody who never really took to the Aga Wenlock/Ludlow stoves from yesteryear.

Aga’s new 2015 stoves (Ellesmere and Wren) are very, very desirable.

Let’s take a look at the Aga Wren:


Now isn’t that cute? It’s actually larger than it looks with a firebox size of 11 (the popular Aga Wenlock was just a 6).

The Aga Wren is 4.8 kW multifuel, DEFRA approved for a smoke control area with a 78% efficiency.

This stove just begs to be dropped into a loft space, den or snug and it is going to sell, I can feel it in my bones (and It has got the Aga badge on and that always helps ;-). And I want one.

Anything against? Just one thing and I strongly suggest that Aga change this one. The stove has a 5″ collar and is allowed within a smoke control area. Legally that means it can go on a 5″ chimney liner – or it should mean that. The only thing that can override that is “manufacturer’s installation instructions” and Aga, for whatever reason, state that the Wren MUST be fitted to a 6″ flue. So YOU must fit a 6″ liner (or 6″ twin wall flue). I did speak to a certain Aga person who said that Aga always prefer people to fit 6″ and explained that it is in case they do not get it swept regularly (flue diameter decreases if soot builds up). But most other brands are not so strict? I know Hetas engineers who push customers toward 5″ liners because they hate fitting 6″ liners due to the struggle getting them down many chimneys. I think Aga will lose sales because of this and that is a shame.

But hats off to the designer – it looks really very smart.

The new Aga Wren will be available from September 2015 onwards. Price £795. Buy via this link Aga Wren with free £175 flue/materials (if “stove only” call us for our best deal).

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