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1602083_10203680779480180_524714261945275402_o_opt-3Welcome. My name is Julian Patrick and I have fitted hundreds of stoves.

My aim is to assist you to safely and legally self-install: it is not particularly difficult. It is legal and is not, as the saying goes, rocket science.


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Hetas logoHetas installers: who fit “labour only”
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Choose-stoveChoose-linerChoose-Fitting_optFitting a stove into a recess or chimney breast? To easily create your stove and materials list (3 steps) click here or on the graphic and follow Julian’s simple formula. For twin wall purchases (creating the complete chimney from scratch) see here


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dinak 5Self installing a wood burneryou CAN do it… 


Chimney flue liner dura flue Be very wary of purchasing cheap liner or cowl & adaptors online as they can and do fail (I have purchased a number of cowls online and they all failed a year later when external spot welds rusted through). Insist on DURAFLUE Chimney liner and fittings and buy at trade prices. Duraflue cowls and fittings made from high-grade stainless steel with NO external spot welds, NO folds and NO weak points.

10REASONSWHYYOU-WANT-AWOODBURNINGSTOVE_opt-2As you are at this site already you probably do not need convincing about wood burners. But if you still need a little nudge in the right direction…




GOODBYE3Brlliant! I have one of these in the shop and another at home. Lighting the fire has never been so easy. Julian Patrick (Author of The Stove Fitter’s Manual).

£399 and Defra exempt!

ST2Two exciting new stoves arrived in the showroom during summer 2014, the Saltfire St1 and St2 (now joined by the ST3 and ST4). Since then they have been flying out the door! The Saltfire ST1 has an amazing 83.9% efficiency.

10REASONSWHYYOU-WANT-AWOODBURNINGSTOVE_optAvoid choosing the wrong stove by asking these ten simple questions


Stove fan reviewValiant stove fan review


reviews-2_opt-300x213So many stoves, so little time. We take popular items and stoves  and say what we think… the good points and the not so good points. Stove and accessory reviews



wood burner terminologyWhat’s a Defra stove? Firebox size? SE? Nominal? Vitreous? Visit the Terminology page…