Welcome to the original Stovefitter’s DIY Manual. My name is Julian Patrick and I have fitted hundreds of stoves.

My aim is to assist you to safely and legally self-install. It is legal and is not, as the saying goes, rocket science.


 Installed by a customer Nov 2017

“a stove retail service that offers more than a click-to-purchase e-commerce approach” The Daily Telegraph March 2017

dinak 5Self installing a wood burner you CAN do it…

Be very wary of purchasing cheap liner or cowl & adaptors online as they can and do fail (I have purchased a number of cowls online and they all failed a year later when external spot welds rusted through). Insist on SILVACORE Chimney liner and fittings and buy at trade prices. Cowls and fittings are made from high-grade stainless steel with NO external spot welds, NO folds and NO weak points.

As you are at this site already you probably do not need convincing about wood burners.

But if you still need a little nudge in the right direction…

Let Stovefitter’s design your chimney

Avoid choosing the wrong stove by asking these ten simple questions… Also: Should I buy a Chinese stove?

Buy British? Aarrow Arada Farringdon (8kW+) Aarrow Ecoburn Plus 4 (4kW) Aarrow Ecoburn Plus 5 (5kW+) Aarrow Ecoburn Plus 7 (7kW+) Aarrow Ecoburn Plus 9 (9KW+) Burley Brampton 9108 (8KW+) Burley Debdale 9104 (4kW+) Burley Holywell 9105 (5KW+) Charnwood C4 (5kW+) Charnwood C5 (5kW+) Charnwood C6 (7kW+) Charnwood C8 (8kW+) Charnwood Cove 1 (4kW+) Charnwood Cove 2 (8kW+) Parkray new range